Facts and Figures

For the year ending 30th Sept 2017

Resource Centre

  • We helped 568 clients at the Resource Centre. Of these, 239 were new cases.
  • We had a total footfall of 1,959


Reasons for the visit:

  • Foodbank 34%­
  • Computer use 13%
  • To use the phone 11%
  • Benefit related 7%
  • Debt 5%


Reach Money Advice

We are part of the national network of money advice centres offering free face to face money advice - Community Money Advice.


  • We have 6 trained advisors on the team.
  • Throughout the year, we worked on 55 cases; 41 were new cases plus 14 from the previous year.


Of the 55 cases (112 beneficiares - 72 adults and 40 children):

  • 7 had a Debt Relief Order (1 of these was a bankruptcy)
  • 1 paid off their debts in full (full & final statement)
  • 13 cases were completed (i.e one issue or something 'simple' to deal with)
  • 15 are paying off their debts through a payment plan
  • 6 felt able to deal with it themselves after initial debt help
  • 11 stopped engaging
  • 2 are ongoing cases


49% (27) of all cases had rent arrears and we went to court 5 times with clients to help save their homes from repossession.



  • 760 food boxes were distributed feeding 1,366 people (400 children, 184 young adults (16-24 year olds) and 782 adults)
  • In the same period in the previous year, we gave out 631 boxes feeding 997 people
  • We have received 13,935.9 kg of food in and given away 14,202.4 kg.


Reasons for receiving a food box:

  • Benefit related 41%­
  • Low income 18%
  • Debt 15%


Client Aid

  • We are pleased to partner Acts 435 to provide financial assistance for client needs. Once we receive the 'gift' we purchase the item such as white goods, beds, gas and electric (i.e. topping up of key meters)
  • 169 gifts have been given to 107 clients totalling £13,190

Warm Homes Healthy People

  • As well as the Acts 435 gifts, we were also able to give some client aid through the Warm Homes, Healthly People fund. During this period we gave out a total of £2,700 to 34 families and individuals to contribute towards their electric and/or gas.


Reach into the Community

  • We launched a pilot project in October in partnership with Haverhill Job Centre. Unfortunately the response was not very high and therefore we focussed more on home visiting
  • The aim of this project is to remove the barriers from anyone who requires our services within an approximate 10 mile radius of Haverhill.
  • 90 home visits were made helping 53 families and individuals; this included debt help, form completion, benefit claims, food boxes and client aid.
  • 23 clients were helped through the Job Centre Plus partnership. Most of this help has been assisting with form filling in and letter writing


Starter Packs

  • 48 clients were helped with bedding and kitchenware kits providing a total of 712 items



  • Between April 2016 - October 2016 we assisted 76 clients with 198 items of furniture but unfortunately the Furniture Bank closed in October