Facts and Figures

During the year October 2017 to September 2018

Resource Centre

  • We helped 539 clients at the Resource Centre.  Of these, 226 were new cases.
  • We had a total footfall of 1,776


Top seven reasons for the visit:


Reach Money Advice

We are part of the national network of money advice centres offering free face to face money advice - Community Money Advice.


  • We have 6 trained advisors on the team.
  • Throughout the year, we worked on 34 cases; 51 were new cases.


Of the 56 cases (122 beneficiaries- 88 adults and 43 children):

  • 22 are ongoing cases
  • 11 are paying off their debts through a payment plan
  • 9 felt able to deal with it themselves after initial debt help
  • 8 had a Debt Relief Order and 1 had a Bankruptcy
  • 5 just stopped engaging
  • 1 made full & final offers

64.3% (36) of all cases had rent arrears and we went to court 5 times with clients to help save their homes from repossession



Our foodbank is part of the national foodbank network run by Trussell Trust providing emergency food for people in crisis.
  • 798 food boxes were distributed feeding 1,508 people (503 children, 129 young adults (16-24 year olds) and 876 adults)
  • We have received 19,211.1 kg of food in and given out 19,634.2 kg.


Reasons for receiving a foodbox:

  • Benefit related 36.34%­ (290 boxes)
  • Debt 24.06% (192)
  • Low income 15.04% (120)


Client Aid

  • We are pleased to partner with Acts 435 to provide financial assistance for client needs. Once we receive the 'gift' we purchase the item such as white goods, beds, gas and electric (i.e. topping up of key meters)
  • 143 gifts have been given to 105 clients totalling £13,005

Reach into the Community

The aim of this project is to remove the barriers from anyone who requires our services especially within the rural villages that are situated within an approximate 10 mile radius of Haverhill.
  • 168 home visits were made helping 135 families and individuals; this included debt help, form completion, benefit claims, food boxes and client aid.

During these visits:
  • 121 foodboxes were provided
  • 47 clients were helped with completing benefit forms


Starter Packs

  • 20 clients were helped with bedding and kitchenware kits providing a total of 277 items