Facts and Figures

Resource Centre

  • Since April 2016, we have opened 205 new cases with a footfall of 2115
  • Reasons for the visit: 30% are for the Foodbank; 7% are for debt; 11% for computer use; 15% to use the phone and 6% was for form completion.


Reach Money Advice

  • 49 new clients and processed 11 Debt Relief Orders (DRO’s)
  • We have also helped 16 clients arrange payment plans.



  • 744 food boxes have been given out feeding 1273 people (631 boxes and 997 people for the same period last year) 
  • We have received 14523.35kg of food in and given away 16954.1kg.  We have also seen an increase in the number of single person boxes being distributed (500 boxes given during this period).
  • Reasons for receiving a food box:
  • Benefit related 43%­
  • Debt 13%
  • Low Income 15%


Acts 435

  • Since April 2016, 96 gifts have been given totalling £8995.


Client Aid

  • We have also given out 12 grants to families/individuals totalling £229 for help emergency incidentals (emergency travel, tents, baby items etc.).


Warm Homes Healthy People

  • Since April 2016 we have been able to help 34 families (101 people) with their fuel through grants amounting to £2935.


Starter Packs

  • Since April 2016, a total of 66 bedding and kitchenware kits have been provided with a total of 1357 items supplied.



  • Between April - October 2016 we assisted 76 clients with 198 items of furniture.


Home Visits

  • Since October 2016, we have helped 34 clients through home visits.


Job CentrePlus

  • We have helped 18 clients through the jobcentre plus partnership.
  • Most of this help has been assisting with form filling in.


Court Escort

  • We have supported 4 clients at court appearances.
  • The main reason for these have been landlords seeking possession of property.