Cub Scouts ‘Trick or Eat’ brings in a boot full of food


Cubs 016Cubs leader Abi and Foodbank Manager, Sandra

A massive ‘thank you’ to the 1st Haverhill Cub Scout Pack who collected 120kg of food – or enough to feed 6 families for a whole week! Cubs leader Abi brought the food into us (it filled the entire boot of her car) and explained what happened:
“Instead of ‘Trick or Treat’ the Cubs knocked on doors and asked people for donations to the foodbank.  One of our leaders went out last week and popped a note through all the doors so that people knew that we were coming.  A lot of people had prepared anything up to a whole bag of food for when the Cubs arrived.”
“The Cubs were really excited, they enjoyed knocking on people’s doors – and they got a few sweets along the way too which they were very happy about!  The Cubs were good; when they were asked what the food was for and why they were doing it, the Cubs were able to describe what the foodbank did and why it was a good idea to give to the foodbank.”
“It was a very good evening for the Cubs and the leaders.  The people we saw were very positive about what we were doing too.  For the Cubs it’s an opportunity to be able do something to help other people.  They have been to the warehouse to pack boxes, so this time it was a good opportunity to bring some food into the foodbank.  The response was great and meant that Ricky, (one of the leaders) had to keep driving up to collect all the food that we had collected.”

Thank you so much to all the Cubs, and to anyone that gave food donations to them – we’re so grateful!