Kirsty's story

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Kirsty was training to be a nursing associate and became pregnant.  Unfortunately, it wasn’t an easy time for her – she was very sick during pregnancy and soon had to stop working and rely on SSP (Statutory Sick Pay) to pay her way, including her mortgage.  Daisy arrived prematurely at 27 weeks, a beautiful little girl who needed lots of hospital visits.  Daisy was very weak, she had literally only been home for 2 days and Kirsty had the unenviable task of performing CPR on Daisy, whose condition means that she now needs 24-hour supply of oxygen.
Kirsty, who by now was already struggling financially, was faced with the choice of eating or going to hospital with all the additional travel costs and parking charges.  Like any mother would, she chose to care for Daisy!
Saddled with the worry of whether or not Daisy would actually survive, Kirsty was naturally at wits end and turned to Payday Lenders to keep going.  That’s when things began to spiral downwards and her health visitors got in touch with REACH as they were so concerned for her.
Philippa, one of our Community Outreach Advisors, visited Kirsty at home with food initially and began to start looking at ways to help the young family.  She successfully applied for a government benefit for Daisy called Disabled Living Allowance which in turn increased the amount of Universal Credit Kirsty could receive.  Philippa also secured a ‘Blue Badge’ which means that when Kirsty and Daisy attend hospital they can park in wider bays making it easier to gain better access to the life-saving oxygen tank! 
Thanks to your donations of food and funds, things are now getting better for the family, but they do have a long way to go and REACH is continuing to help them with the debts and emotional support.
These last 10 months have been very dark days, but Kirsty said on a visit recently;

“You have been a godsend! I can’t explain the relief it has given me to know I can get myself straight again and be able to give my daughter all she needs. Thank you for your support.”