Thank you for your Gifts of Hope!    

 January 2021

Thank you SO MUCH for your generous donations in response to our Christmas Campaign - we are so grateful for your support!  Because of your donations, we were able to help 50 families who hit a crisis because of the pandemic.  You have given them the gift of hope. 

Your gift certainly helped Steve, who had found our Facebook page and decided to contact us for help.  It became clear that he had had a very difficult time last year which was then made worse by COVID-19.  Unfortunately, his relationship broke down and ended, which was a culmination of many things, including his mental health issues, COVID-19 related financial difficulties, loss of work for him and his partner. 

During this difficult time, Steve had to move to a new house but had no furniture or any items for his new property.  Thanks to your donations we were able to fund essential items for him and provide basic household items such as a bed, a kettle, a toaster and a microwave.  We also gave him a foodbox.

Steve was so incredibly grateful to receive all this help. He said; 

“I just wanted to say how amazing Reach have been to me, the emotional support and all the help that Jo has given me in this hard time is outstanding.  If it wasn’t for her, I would still be an emotional mess and struggling even more. I feel so grateful and appreciative to everyone involved. Thank you so, so much, this has made me feel a bit better and more stable again knowing that I can rebuild my life” 

With yours and many other’s support, through very generous donations, you helped raise an incredible £32,000 – enough to give 50 local families a helping hand in getting their lives back on track whether it be help with debts, money management, benefits.  The amount of food donations from local people have been astounding and allowed us to provide bags of Christmas treats to families as well. 

There is still much to be done to support Steve but what your gifts have given Steve and many other struggling families, is hope for the future.  


A VERY BIG THANK YOU for helping local families in need and giving them the gift of hope during Christmas 

P.S. If you did not manage to donate and would like to do so now, click the link below: