Haverhill Foodbank

A safety net for unexpected crisis

It only takes a change in circumstances; for example, loss of job, benefit cut or benefits delay; and families already struggling to make ends meet, either have to borrow money for food, or go without. We are looking to help bridge the gap with food for a family or individual for at least three days (or until other agencies or services becomes available). We work closely with other agencies, i.e. family support workers, health visitors and Social Services.

How it works:
  • Non-perishable food is donated directly to Reach or to our many collection points across town.
  • Volunteers sort through the donations and put together food boxes, ready for distribution.
  • People in need of food are issued a food voucher at the Reach Resource Centre and by family support workers, health visitors and social services.
  • Clients who have been issued a food voucher by referral agencies present their food vouchers to our Resource Centre advisers, who sit with clients and find out the root of the problem and provide further help if needed.  Client's visits are case noted by our advisers.


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