Jerry's Story

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Jerry, one of our clients, longed to get a job. He’s young and enthusiastic – but as he applied for dozens of roles and got rejection after rejection, he started to feel like he was a failure, that he’d never get anywhere. He felt like he was on the scrap heap at only twenty-two.

Finally, a local company emailed him with the offer of employment. Jerry was elated!

But there was a problem. They were based four miles away. There was no bus service there and he had no transport of his own. What he needed was a bike – but he had no money to buy one. His benefits barely covered the basics of food, bills and rent as it was.

For the want of a few pounds, he was in danger of losing this precious chance he’d waited for so long.

In desperation, Jerry contacted REACH to see if we could help. We managed to get hold of an old bike, and local company Aerocycles kindly serviced it for free! Generous supporters helped buy Jerry a cycle helmet and lock.
The total cost was under £50 – but to Jerry, that support was priceless. It changed his life.

Now he’s got that job, he can afford to do more than just survive. He can afford to dream a few dreams and make some plans for the future.