Reach Money Advice

Free debt advice at Reach Resource Centre

Reach has its roots in debt counselling as this is where we started back in 2005. Since then we have helped many people with money management and debt issues. In 2014, working in partnership with Community Money Advice, we brought our debt counselling service fully in-house, re-launching as Reach Money Advice.


Why debt?
Debt affects people from all walks of life. It is so easy to get into and so difficult to get out of. Sadly, its impacts can be devastating – family relationships deteriorate and breakdown, people feel isolated and marginalised, they suffer from stress, depression and ultimately despair, overwhelmed by a problem they think they can do nothing about.


What we offer
Reach Money Advice is free and open to anyone from Haverhill and the surrounding area, regardless of gender, race or belief.

Unfortunately, under COVID-19 restrictions our Resource Centre, offices and Community Hubs are currently closed, and our Reach Money Advice mobile team cannot visit you at home.  But we will still do all we can to help you - so if you need debt advice, please phone us on 01440 712950 or email us at
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Please check out the life stories section. You are not alone. Many other people have found themselves in difficulties.

At Reach we have always had the desire to get to the root of people’s problems. Helping to release people from debt is a core part of what we are about. There is nothing which ‘restores dignity and revives hope’ in more concrete a way than working with clients to reduce and eliminate their debt burden.

If you or someone you know needs help and advice,  please phone us on 01440 712950 or email us at