Janet's Story

“I recently turned 75 and a few years ago I got myself into a situation of hardly having any money or food because I had got into debt with loans and credit cards.

I just didn’t know what to do; there were many tears and sleepless nights.

My son said that I should contact REACH.  They came out to see me at my home. I had loads of paperwork from companies that I owed money to.  REACH helped me with food and took all my debts and worked out a plan to help me start paying it all back.

It took quite a bit of my pension, but I was able to eat, pay the water, gas and electric. It was hard though, but I stuck to it.  I’m pleased though to say that I received a call recently to tell me that I was now debt free and that I didn’t have to pay them anymore! I couldn’t believe that they were all gone, I am so relieved!

It means I can have my hair done whenever I want to now! What a place, where would I be without it and the people that work there. Not only have they helped me clear my debts but become my friends as well.”

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