Colleen's* Story

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Colleen says, "My whole life changed when I was told my husband had cancer.  I couldn't accept it at first"

They managed as best they could for a while. But then husband Derek became too sick to work. With one income gone, the family were struggling financially on top of everything else they were going through.

Daughter Kerry got in touch with Reach to see if we could help. Ann Allen, our Client Relationship Manager, helped Derek get a mobility scooter so he didn’t have to spend his final months isolated and depressed at home – he could go and visit friends. And when we learned that the family hadn’t had a holiday for many years, we arranged a break for them.

Colleen said, “It gave us some wonderful memories to look back on. We were amazed to discover Reach and their supporters cared so much about us.”


Sadly, Derek passed away in 2019. Since then, we’ve continued to support Colleen, who was struggling with depression and then lost her job. We helped her to get a Debt Relief Order to clear her debts. And because she can’t use a computer, Ann has helped her to apply for Universal Credit. Colleen was so grateful.

Colleen says, “I don’t know how we would have coped without Reach and without Ann – she is now a very dear friend of ours and needs to have a gold medal. She has looked into every way she could possibly support us through a difficult time, and it was a real comfort to know we could turn to her at any time day or night. If I’m upset, it’s so good to hear her lovely smiling voice.

“And we’re so grateful to all REACH supporters for everything they have done for us, the massive difference they have made to our lives - it means so much.”

It's been a long, tough road for this family. For them, and for so many other hardworking families, all it takes is one misfortune to tip the balance, and tip it completely. We’re here to help – for as long as it takes.

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*Client name and details changed to protect her identity