Keila's Story

I was using my catalogue for a lot of big stuff so I had racked up a bill on my catalogue, I had money owing on my last car to my husband’s dad, then I owed my rent lots of money, I had just come to a point where I got stuck I just didn’t know what to do.  

After becoming in debt with my rent I ended up in hospital for three days not knowing if I had cancer or what was wrong with me.  I lost loads of weight, then I came out of hospital literally the day after my daughter was in a car accident and a boy had to be cut out of the car.  That hit all of us badly, yeah it was awful I just needed someone, something to happen to change and it did.  

I definitely was suicidal I had already planned that the kids could go to their dads. I was going to take lots of tablets, I just was really in a dark place, really bad place.  

So I phoned Reach and spoke to Justine and we went through everything listings of everything that I owed, was paying out and was coming in, what was a priority and we decided to do a debt relief order to write off everything and we have done it and it has been great. I am in a better place definitely everything is better now in the way I feel better my kids are happier because their mum is happier we are in control with money we are actually so much better off money-wise now I haven’t got big bills to pay and control is the word. We are in control and happier. 

I don’t know where I would have been now if I didn’t call Justine and if I didn’t have your help and I felt like I had you as a friend that I could speak to when I felt low. It’s just been amazing; you have been amazing and just thank you so much.  


*identifying details changed to protect client family

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